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Italiano 1o1: lesson #1-Why bother?

August 11, 2011


There probably are those of you who have always wanted to learn Italian for whatever reason. You liked how it sounds, you wanted to travel and meet locals, or maybe you wanted to understand what the heck that opera is all about. A lot of you have actually had the chance of fulfilling that dream. Those of you who haven’t had the opportunity will probably enjoy some basic Italian 1o1 lessons.

But what about all you guys who are reading this and wondering “Why bother? Who needs Italian?” Well, I’ve got news for you-almost everybody.

Are you into fashion? You must know some Italian terms. How about cooking? Ever hear of pasta, pizza, gnocchi, mascarpone, al dente? Are you an architect? Ever used words like dome, cupola, corridor, fresco?? Graffiti? Sonnet? Adagio? Diva? Violin? Sonata? Serenade? Trombone? The list is endless and my point is-you’re already learning and using Italian.

Every day when you open your newspaper or turn on the TV, you are hearing and reading Italian words, pronounced in your native tongue, naturally and neutrally. So why not learn something more? Why not be able to connect the dots? Figure out why the Italian has influenced the English so much and all the other languages. Experience yourself the joys of mastering a new skill-and a useful one at that.

Give it a go-you won’t regret it.

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