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Italiano 1o1: lesson #2-A couple of useful phrases to help you survive Italy

August 12, 2011


It is time for the first official Italian lesson for complete beginners, and I’m already feeling nervous. I’ve found that the best way to start is by learning some basic yet necessary phrases used in everyday life that any traveler should find handy when roaming Italy.

The Italians are known for their complete reluctance to speaking any other language but their own, and I’m not sure if that’s due to actual lack of speaking skills, or are they just pulling our leg.

In any case, it might be good to start off on a good note and treat the shop owner/salesman/waiter/cab driver to a nice “Buongiorno” before saying anything else. Just to show you care.

So, without further ado, I give you-Basic phrases in Italian

  • Hello/Good day-Buongiorno
  • Hi!-Ciao!
  • My name is…-Io mi chiamo…
  • What is your name?-Come ti chiami?
  • What is the time?-Che ore sono?
  • Excuse me-Scusi (singular) /Scusate (plural)
  • Could you tell me…-Mi puo dire…
  • Where is…-Dove si trova…
  • How much does this cost?-Quanto cosa questo?

And a very important one-I’m hungry-Ho fame!

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