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Italiano 1o1: lesson #3 -Transport/ I trasporti-traveling by car/viaggiare con l’auto

August 15, 2011

P1080289 Thinking about driving to Italy any time soon? You’re in for a treat. Italy has world famous autostrade – they are the epitome of great roads. Not to mention that having a car of your own is probably the best way to make sure you get to see everything you set out to, on your own time and terms. Still, there might be a couple of useful words and phrases you should know, before you set out on your road trip. I’ve compiled a short list for you here:

  • Roads- le strade
  • Motorway- l’autostrada
  • Toll Booth- il casello
  • Traffic policeman- il vigile urbano
  • Parking meter- Il parchimetro
  • Exit ramp- la rampa di uscita
  • Traffic light- il semaforo
  • Map- la mappa
  • No entry- ingresso vietato
  • Hazard- pericolo
  • Roundabout- la rotatoria
  • Roadworks- lavori stradali
  • Is this the road to…?- E’ questa la strada per…?
  • Where can I park?- Dove posso parcheggiare?
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