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Top 5: Italy’s food blogs

August 16, 2011
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Italy is a land famous for a lot of things. And I mean A LOT. And yet, the word cucina somehow always gets in the picture. That’s why I decided to look around for some Italian food blogs (I figured there had to be a gazillion).

I’ve searched far and wide to find some of these, and others just popped on my screen when I least expected. In any case, I give you my choice of 5 blogs, written by Italians, or foreigners, about Italy, it’s cuisine, traditions and customs, or whatever else I found interesting. Enjoy!

Fior di zucca-written in Italian, with the option of getting translation to English. A food blog written and photographed by none other than a graphic designer (they seem to be all over the place lately) living in London, with loads of recipes and some pretty nifty photos to look at.

Il cavoletto di Bruxelles-another food blog, written by a girl who is actually from Brussels (much like to mentioned brussel-sprout) living in Italy, writing in Italian about Italian cuisine (and more). Even if you don’t understand a word of Italian, you should check her out-you’ll love just looking at her photos.

The Italian Dish-written surprisingly, by Elaine from Michigan. And just when you think I lost track of what was the point of this “Italian blogs” roundup, I add that her mother Angela was from Italy, and she made sure her daughter never lost sight of her heritage. She makes these wonderful classical (and not so traditional) Italian dishes with her own twist to it with step-by-step photos.

Un tocco di zenzero-written by Sandra Salerno, an Italian lady actually living in Italy! Surprising for this particular roundup, but let’s just continue. Just the fact that she has been featured in a number of Italian magazines should persuade you to give her a look.

Tiramisu-a blog in English, by Laura, “a Venetian biologist, turned pastry chef, turned caterer” to describe her in her own words, now living in US. Even if her blog were and absolute piece of cr*p (and it isn’t-trust me) I would still include her in this roundup because of her recipe for Cherry Almond Cake that reminded me so much of the one my grandma used to make when I was little. So there you have it. Now you have to check her out, you know you can’t help it.

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