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Italiano 1o1: lesson #4-Transport/ I trasporti-traveling by train/viaggiare con il treno

August 17, 2011

P1080295 In case you’re going on a tour and want to see as much of Italy as you can, the train might be your best option. The trains in Italy are usually on time, and can be pretty fast too if you’re traveling by EuroStar, and they almost inexpensive (but I guess that depends on how deep your pocket is). In any case, Italy’s trains remain one of the favorite mezzi di trasporto for your typical tourist, and you’ll always find bunches of backpackers on platforms. If this is your preferred method of travel, here are a couple of phrases to make your vacation a bit easier:

  • Train- il treno
  • Train station- la stazione ferroviaria
  • Carriage- il vagone
  • Platform- il binario
  • Platform number- il numero del binario
  • Trolley- il carrello
  • Subway- la metropolitana
  • Compartment- lo scompartimento
  • Window- il finestrino
  • Timetable- l’orario
  • Dining car- il vagone ristorante
  • Sleeping compartment- lo scompartimento a cuccette
  • Rail network- la rete ferroviaria
  • Fare- la tariffa
  • Ticket- il biglietto
  • Ticket office- la biglietteria
  • Ticket inspector- il controllore
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