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Giordano Bruno-too smart for his own good

August 18, 2011


I can imagine an infinite number of worlds like the Earth, with a Garden of Eden on each one. In all these Gardens of Eden half the Adams and Eves will not eat the fruit of knowledge, and half will. But half of infinity is infinity, so an infinite number of worlds will fall from grace and there will be an infinite number of crucifixions.” Giordano Bruno, “On the Cause, Principle, and Unity”

Giordano Bruno was an Italian mathematician, philosopher, and astronomer (multi-tasking was common for 16th century Italy). He was, like many other forward thinkers of that time, burned at the stake (1600) by the Roman Inquisition, accused and found guilty of heresy and pantheism.  Not to mention he dared say that the Universe does not revolve around us (literally).

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