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The French connection and The Mona Lisa smile

August 19, 2011

See adjacent text.

Did you know that Mona Lisa has no monetary value? Meaning, it is literally priceless! That is also the reason why it could not be insured-it is impossible to estimate her real value. Therefore, France is her owner and insurer.

You might wonder why France owns a masterpiece of an Italian artist. In the 16th century, The Mona Lisa became the property of the French King, Francois I who was an acquaintance and admirer of Leonardo da Vinci. Except for brief tours in Italy, US, Japan and Moscow it has remained in the Louvre since 1797.

Today, Mona Lisa has a $7.5 million dollar room of her own at the Louvre in Paris,
France. It now hangs in the Salle de Etats.

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