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Italy days

August 24, 2011

Hello there, fellow Italy lovers! What’s cooking? Been anywhere interesting? Done anything? Taken pictures of anything?? If the answer is yes, then I would love to see them.

Italy Days - 6


In case you’re interested in having your photos of Italy featured in Reading Italian Maps, just email me at with a photo, your name (I will accept anonymous entries as well) a description and a location. Make sure to leave a link to your blog or site if you have one, and that’s it. I will chose the best photos for publishing along with all of the info you leave me.

Italy days - 4

The photos you’re viewing today are the works of a fantastic photographer I found on Flickr, (for a link to his profile click on any of the photos) taken during a trip to Italy, all filed under Italian days.

Italy Days - 7

I just loved his view of Italy, it’s streets and people (and animals), different than your regular “postcard vacation” photos you normally see (sometimes even on this blog, I admit it, I’m no better). But these photos tell so much more. At least to me.

Anyway, if you have a photo of this wonderful country, and you would like to share, send me an email! I’m also thinking about creating a flickr pool if it is more convenient for you guys to submit photos that way, let me know your thoughts on it.

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