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Italiano 1o1: lesson #8-Traveling by bicycle/ Viaggiare con la bicicletta

August 25, 2011


In keeping with today’s topic of biking your way across Italy, I have decided to dedicate lesson #8 to cycling terms you might find useful on your trip. So without further ado, I give you the gist of it:


  • Bicycle- Bicicletta or just bici
  • Touring bike- La bicicletta da turismo
  • Helmet- Le casque
  • Saddle– Il sellino
  • Seat post- Il tubo reggisella
  • Brake- Freno
  • Gears- Le marce
  • Tyre- Pneumatico
  • Chain- Catena
  • Pedal- Pedale
  • Crossbar- Canna
  • Handlebar- Manubrio
  • Wheel- Ruota
  • Valve- Valvola
  • Pump- Pompa
  • Lock- Lucchetto
  • To pedal- Pedalare
  • To brake- Frenare
  • To change gear- Cambiare marcia
  • To cycle- Andare in bici
  • Cycle lane- Pista ciclabile
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