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Photos of Italy: BawkBawk shop

August 29, 2011

 I’ve recently stumbled upon a great blog, that led me to Flickr, that led me to an Etsy shop. It is the wonderful work of Jacinta Moore that got me interested in the first place. She takes these great shots wherever she goes, using a film camera (which is something that always gets my attention) and sells prints of her work, over on Etsy.

I loved her photos for a lot of reasons, one of which is her unique take on Italy, and her eye for details that the rest of us usually miss.


It’s the inspiration and the pleasure she finds in the everyday that really makes me love these photos even more.



At the same time, she captures what seems like the very essence of Italy and it’s people, apparently, without even trying.


Her photos look like they have been taken effortlessly, during a trip with friends or family, by no more than chance and some good natural light.


She makes it seem like anyone can do it! Even me or you. Like all it takes is just grabbing a camera and clicking away. But both you and I know better… Check her out.


For a link to her Flickr, click on any of the pictures, for a visit to her blog, click here, and here is her Etsy shop.

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