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Mount Etna stretching it’s legs

August 30, 2011

Mount Etna erupted again  on August 20 and 29, sending lava sprays several hundreds meters into the air but no damage or casualties were reported so far.


The government agency says Etna started spewing out a significant amount of ash in a southeast direction early in the day but that the eruption tapered off in about two hours.

Don’t forget that Etna has several inhabited villages on its slopes.

Fichier:Volcan Etna.jpg

This is the photo of the eruption in 2002. As you can guess, Etna is still a pretty active volcano, erupting from time to time, but without causing major damage, apart from delaying and detouring flights to and from the nearby Catania airport. Still, it must be rather scary living underneath the smoking giant. Hopefully, everything will get back to it’s quiet normal soon.

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