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Learning Italian the way you’re supposed to-in Italy

September 4, 2011

Have you every thought about learning Italian? If you’re reading this post, or following this blog, the chances are-you have. And what better way to learn this fun language than grabbing the bull by the horns, getting your suitcases packed and zipping away for a summer in Italy? Been there, done that, and believe me-I intend to do it again!

Italian language school

Obviously, I’m not telling you anything you didn’t already know, because if this concept was new, that there wouldn’t be so many language schools all over Italy, just waiting for foreigners like us to come begging them to take our money and show us the ins and outs of the country as well as the language.

And they have become rather good at it with time.

I will share some links with you that will, hopefully, help you choose the right school for you.

  • Language International-a site that should help you find the right school for you (not only in Italy) you can choose the language, the country, the course and the school, of course!
  • Istituto Italiano– language school at the heart of Florence-offers a variety of extracurricular activities (but then-who doesn’t these days?)
  • Scuola Toscana– another school in Florence-the heart of Tuscany
  • University for foreigners in Perugia  -among other things, they offer courses in Italian language and culture

Palazzo Gallenga

  • Dante Alighieri– probably the most known Italian school-offers a variety of courses to suit your needs in a couple of cities across Italy (Siena, Ischia, Viterbo). They also provide certificates recognized world-wide or prepare you for other formal Italian language exams (like PLIDA)

Whatever you choose, get ready for an unforgettable summer in Italy!

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