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Italiano 1o1: lesson #9-Numbers/I numeri (part one)

September 6, 2011

P1080297I’m about to tackle one of the most boring but also one of the more useful lessons-numbers! I know learning them is a pain, but you have to admit they come in handy when you’re shopping at a farmer’s market, on some piazza in Italy. Gosh, how I miss that market in Livorno… They had the biggest plums I have ever seen! Maybe I’ll do fruit related vocabulary next time…

Anyway, back to the subject of today’s boring post!

  • 0-zero
  • 1-uno
  • 2-due
  • 3-tre
  • 4-quattro
  • 5-cinque
  • 6-sei
  • 7-sette
  • 8-otto
  • 9-nove
  • 10-dieci

I will retourn next time with the numbers 10-20, so stay alert 😉

And in case you missed out on some of the previous Italiano 1o1 posts here they are.


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