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Italiano 1o1: lesson #10- Numbers/ I numeri (part two)

September 7, 2011


Time for the second part of out God-only-knows-how-long serial of lessons about numbers. Last time we tackled 1-10, which means today should be all about the second decade. (For our first lesson on numbers, click here)

  • 11-undici
  • 12-dodici
  • 13-tredici
  • 14-quattordici
  • 15-quindici
  • 16-sedici
  • 17-diciasette
  • 18-diciotto
  • 19-diciannove
  • 20-venti

Notice how 11-16 are all composed out of the word for their relative number in the first decade (uno, due, tre…) and a form of the word for number 10 (dieci). For those of you who struggled your way through Latin in high school, this shouldn’t be new. Much like numbers 17-20, when things change. The word marking the 10 moves to the front, so we get dicia– first and –sette (7) at the back of the word. Notice that the A in diciotto is missing (you only have dici-) and the nn in diciannove.

Venti (20) is naturally derived from the Latin viginti (please don’t make me remember the procedure of the derivation-I will only confuse myself as well as you) and we will see next time all those lovely things that happen after 20. 🙂

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