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Italiano 1o1: lesson #11-Numbers/ I numeri (part 3)

September 14, 2011


Ok, guys, ready for Part 3? We got to 20 last time (venti) and now it’s time for some tips&tricks when it comes to using numbers like 21, 31, 41… But don’t worry-you’ll get the hang of it rather quickly! Here we go:

  • 20-venti
  • 21-ventuno (notice that the –i from the venti is gone once there is a one attached to it)
  • 22-ventidue (pay attention now-the i is back-ventIdue)
  • 23-ventitre -and it goes on like that until 29-ventinove, apart from this exception:
  • 28-ventotto (you see, whenever the second number begins with a vowel –a, e, i, o, u- the vowel from the first number-venti-disappears in order to make the pronunciation easier)
  • 30-trenta (the same thing goes for thirty)
  • 31-trentuno (again, no –a from the end of trenta)
  • 32-trentadue (the a is back and in it’s position)
  • 33-trentatre (and it goes on like that)
  • 38-trentotto
  • 40-quaranta
  • 41-quarantuno
  • 42-quarantadue (as you can see, the same rules apply to all numbers)
  • 50-cinquanta
  • 51-cinquantuno
  • 60-sessanta
  • 61-sessantuno
  • 70-settanta
  • 71-settantuno
  • 80-ottanta
  • 90-novanta
  • 100-cento! and of course
  • 101-centuno

In case you need to refresh your memory , here are the numbers 1-10 and 11-20!

And for a list of our language lessons so far, click here!

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