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Top 5: Italian lakes-Lago Maggiore

September 18, 2011

It’s time for our #3 in the top5 countdown of Italian lakes!

File:Lago-Maggiore 1491a.jpg

Lake Maggiore is another large and popular lake in northern Italy, north of Milan and west of Lake Como. The northern part of Lake Maggiore extends into Switzerland. The lake was formed by a glacier and is surrounded by hills in the south and mountains in the north, giving it a fairly mild climate all year. There are three picturesque islands in the center of the lake that are very popular with visitors.

And here is an interesting piece of history about the lake in 1936, a Bugatti Type 22 Brescia Roadster, built 1925, was sunk in the lake by employees of Zurich architect Marco Schmucklerski, when Swiss custom officials investigated whether he had paid taxes on the car. The Bugatti was attached to an iron chain making it possible to recover it once the investigation was over, yet that never happened. The remains of the Bugatti were however recovered in July 2009 and were sold for whopping 260,500 euros

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