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Euro volleyball-Italy takes silver

September 19, 2011

Good news for all you sports fans out there, Italian volleyball players took home the silver medal at this year’s European volleyball championship. They lost in the finals against Serbia, who had an incredible number of very loud supporters on the stands (considering the Championship took place in Austria) helping the players in some pretty difficult moments.

Apart from the silver medal, Italy also had two players make it into the selected group of best players of the Championship, with Croatian-born Dragan Travica being the best setter, and Andrea Bari recognized as the best libero of the competition. Well done, Azzurri!

However, it seems that the silver medal might have come as a disappointment to some, expecting nothing less than the gold. The headline of the article in Gazzetta dello Sport reads “Italy disappointed, Serbia take gold”:

“Just like 10 years ago in Ostrava it was the team from Belgrade (then Yugoslavia, but today Serbia) who claimed the European title, beating a courageous Italian team who didn’t seem quite so sharp as they had over the past few days.”

What are your thoughts?

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