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Italiano 1o1: lesson #12- Numbers/ I numeri (part 4)

September 19, 2011


 Last time we stopped at 101, and as you probably know by now, one hundred is cento in Italian. Let’s see what happens next! These next few number are really easy, and I’m sure you’ll remember them in no time. The only trick here is to add –cento to your regular 1-9 numbers you learned here. Give it a try!

  • 110-centodieci (but keep in mind it’s centotto and centuno)
  • 200-duecento
  • 300-trecento
  • 400-quattrocento
  • 500-cinquecento
  • 600-seicento
  • 700-settecento
  • 800-ottocento
  • 900-novecento
  • 1000-mille (remember it’s with –e at the end, and double l, because this changes when you have more than one thousand in mind)
  • 2000-duemila

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