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3 tip city guide: Taking on Torino

October 11, 2011

Long time no see, fellow Italy lovers! I’m back with a post that you will love. Our guest star today is Chelsea from All roads lead to Pecetto, and she is kicking off our 3 tip city guide series with a post on Turin. In case this sounds familiar, I’ve already posted about a lovely pair of Oxfords I found on her Etsy shop, here!

First, Let me introduce myself, My name is Chelsea and I live in Torino (Turin) Italy. I write and photograph about my adventures of being an expat in my blog called All Roads Leads To Pecetto. I scour the local flea markets and sell Italian vintage clothes, shoes, and bags in my online Etsy shop, Italian Postcards. I have walked almost every inch of this beautiful and historical city that I have come to fall in love with and so here are my:

3 Top Tips for Taking on Torino

Tip #1. If you fancy yourself a bit of a Nilephile, (that’s the unofficial
term for a person who loves all things ancient Egyptian) than you
might just love Turin’s Egyptian Museum. It holds the largest and most
comprehensive collection of Egyptian artifacts outside of Cairo.How did that happen you ask? Most objects in the museum came from a 19th
century royal private collection. It was quite fashionable at the time
to buy artifacts from Egypt. Now that collection is open to the
public. One of the many highlights in the museum is the room of Kha
and Merit. Everything in his exhibit was taken from a complete tomb of
a husband and wife who had been mummified in that tomb with all they
could ever want in the afterlife including food, complete cosmetic
kits, styled and beaded wigs, and perfectly preserved sandals. Exactly
what I would have taken to my tomb. Tid Bit Tip: Entry is 7.50 euro
but bring your I.D. because seniors, students, ages 25 and younger,
and groups of 7 or more all get discounts.


Tip #2. It’s symbol of the city and the tallest structure in Torino, you
can’t miss the Mole Antonelliana. The Mole (that’s what the locals call
it) is located right off Via Po. It was originally built as a
synagogue but now houses the Museum of Cinema which is an unexpected
treat. Make sure you use your ticket to board the elevator that goes
to the roof where you will get a stunning view of the city including
the two rivers that cross through Turin and the stunning surrounding
Alps mountains. Tid Bit Tip: Taking the elevator to the top does give
you the best view of the city and is also quite romantic. The
elevator is made of all glass including the bottom so it feels like
you are floating up. If you are scared of heights, you might have to
close you eyes for that part.


Tip #3. It’s 7pm, You’re hungry. Italians don’t eat until 9pm. Restaurants
don’t even open until 8:30pm. What do you do? Take an appertivo! Most
cafes who have been serving coffee all day, will start serving
alcoholic drinks at around 7. They also set out a buffet of delicious
foods that with your drink purchase, is all you can eat! This is a
Torino tradition which started like an after work drink. Many of the
foods are local specialties which will give you a chance to test
foods you might not have tried before. Tid Bit Tip: There are so many
places to have the appertivo but they are not all good. Don’t feel shy
about checking out the goods before ordering a drink. I will be worth
the glance, some of the spreads can be amazing!

Extra tip: Torino is also home to the largest outdoor market in
Europe. Food stalls arranged in an intricate labyrinth seem to go on
for miles with one table after another containing local delicacies.
Here you will find fresh produce, wines, cheeses, olives, bread, fish,
and meats. I recommend getting lost inside the maze and picking up a
find or two to take home with you OR putting together your own
personalized picnic.


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