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Italiano 1o1: Lezione #14- Personal pronouns/ Pronomi personali

October 14, 2011

P1080299 Time for one of the essential lessons in Italian learning, the lesson about personal pronouns-you can’t really say much without them.

These particular pronouns function only as subjects, meaning they are usually placed in front of the verb in the sentence, and used to nominate the agent (the one that is doing the deed) in the sentence. It will be much easier once I offer an example: I work/ Io lavoro. You study/ Tu studi You will get the hang of it quickly.

Io– I Noi– we
Tu– you Voi– you
Lui– he Loro– they
Lei– she Loro– they


Another thing you should know is that the personal pronoun LEI (she) is also used when addressing someone in a formal manner, like your professor, boss, and elderly person on the street (you) even if they are not female… For example:

Signore, Lei è italiano? Are you Italian, sir? (Notice the capital L in Lei in formal addressing)

When formally addressing a group of people, just use the plain, old Voi:

Signori, Voi siete tutti italiani? Gentlemen, are you all Italian?

That concludes our today’s lesson. Make sure you check in regularly!


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