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product love and one dilemma: Bottega Verde

October 18, 2011

Olivo - Burro per il corpo con olio extravergine d'Oliva biologico Toscano (125ml)Olivo - Stick labbra all'olio d'Oliva biologico

You probably wouldn’t think Bottega Verde is the apex of skincare, considering the price range, and I have to say I’m with you on that one. But this time, spending less on a skin product turned out to be a winner. I’ve loved their body butters ever since I’ve first tried the apple-cinnamon one (which I can’t seem to find anywhere anymore) and I fell in love with the entire olive oil collection, but my two favorites have to be the body butter and the lip balm. Great texture and smell (pretty much the 2 key criteria by which I choose my cosmetics-I was never the one to go for flashy, expensive, “gold dust” lotions and creams).

I know this will sound like a commercial (and believe me-it isn’t-I also have a couple of things to say that aren’t as rosy) but when they say “hydrating” they really mean it. I like to use the rich body butter during the winter, when I need extra help with keeping my legs hydrated, and I don’t mind all my socks smelling like olive oil!

So there I was, carelessly buttering myself with this rich, creamy delight, not a doubt in my mind that I was getting great value for my money-until I actually saw their store in Rome. In one of Rome’s darkest, filthiest subway tunnels (or whatever it is that they’re called), cramped in a tiny little shop. That came as a bit of a shock, but nothing could prepare me for the box filled to the top with my favorite products, out on the pavement, in front of the shop, with a big sign saying “1,oo euro”. THAT I did not expect to see. I was either seriously overpaying for it back at home, or the products were seriously underrated in their own country. hm… And I’ve got to say-nothing puts you off cosmetics more than a box on the pavement.

However, the stores over here are big, bright, and the cosmetics is nowhere near the 1 euro price (even though significantly cheaper that many other similar quality brands) and I keep using their olive oil body butter, but every time I’m at the cash register, I can’t help but wonder…

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