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Italiano 1o1/lezione#17/in the bedroom…

October 27, 2011


I figured you needed a break from all the grammar lessons we’ve been having lately, so I’ve prepared something a little bit different. Hopefully it will make learning new words easier (or at least more interesting).


Along with the picture, I’ve prepared a list of some useful words you should know when in the boudoir. 😉 Check them out:

  • il cassettone/chest of drawers
  • la sveglia/alarm clock
  • la radiosveglia/clock radio
  • mettere la sveglia/set the alarm
  • la biancheria da letto/bed linen
  • la federa/pillowcase
  • il lenzuolo/sheet
  • la coperta/blanket
  • la copertura impottita/duvet
  • la termocoperta/electric blanket
  • la trapunta/quilt
  • il letto singolo/single bed
  • il letto matrimoniale/double bed
  • andare a letto/go to bed
  • addormentarsi/fall asleep
  • svegliarsi/wake up
  • alzarsi/get up
  • fare il letto/make the bed
  • russare/snore

Hope this was helpful. I’ll work on making these lessons a bit more fun for you and myself, and you stay tuned for more rooms around the house!

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