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Italiano 1o1/lezione #18/ in the bathroom…

October 30, 2011

P1080299 Continuing our trip around the house, in Italian, of course, and after the bedroom, it’s time for the bathroom.

vitra-bathroom-suite[1] Moving on to some words that were too much for the picture:

  • il tappo/plug
  • il bide/bidet
  • il portasciugamani/towel rack
  • la doccia/shower
  • farsi la doccia/take a shower
  • farsi il bagno/take a bath
  • il soffione della doccia/shower head
  • la spazzolino da denti/toothbrush
  • il dentifricio/toothpaste
  • la spugna/sponge
  • la luffa/loofah
  • il sapone/soap
  • il bagnoschiuma/bubble bath
  • il deodorante/deodorant
  • l’accappatoio/bathrobe
  • la rasatura/shaving
  • il rasoio/razor
  • la schiuma da barba/shaving foam
  • la dopobarba/aftershave

That would be all for today, guys, and let me know how you feel about this new, show-and-tell way of  learning new words.

Stay tuned, coz’ we’re still playing house here!

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