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links: learn Italian online

November 2, 2011

La mappa misteriosa on BBC-interactive language-learning by participating in a “video adventure” as the website calls it-sort of a mystery thriller where you get to influence the ending, all in Italian! As a part of the BBC Languages website with loads more-tests, resources, weekly email tips, and Italian tv programs on BBC with downloadable transcripts. All in all, a great way to find lots of useful tips and links in one place, and not only for Italian!

A list of links to some great online Italian dictionaries from 

Free Italian language tutorials from with the possibility of listening to some basic phrases in Italian, do exercises, and expand your vocabulary

Free online Italian grammar 

Online course from RAI

The Pronunciator! A website with basic vocabulary, verbs, phrases, and conversation in 60 languages. There are 421 units of multiple lessons and 3 million pages for you to explore, all completely free. In addition to the audio flashcards, there are listening and reading exercises plus playback and vocal recognition modes where you can compare your pronunciation to the native speaker.

Online Italian games and learning from Transparent Language

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  1. kate permalink
    November 14, 2011 21:37

    and if you want to chat with native speakers you can go on!
    I met a very nice girl (Valentina from Rome), I have no excuses now to speak italian! By the way I really like “La mappa misteriosa” on BBC!


    • Maja permalink
      November 14, 2011 22:51

      Thanks for the new link! I’ll keep it in mind for the next post about online leaning. I welcome all contributions and suggestions! 😀


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