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Italiano 1o1//lezione #20/presente/III conjugation

November 5, 2011


Having covered the first (-ARE) and the second (-ERE) conjugation, inevitably, we come to the third (verbs ending in –IRE) and its presente indicativo forms.

You already know the drill by now, I hope, so, as usual, we will take a verb from the group-in this case, let’s say DORMIRE (to sleep), remove the characteristic  -IRE, and keep the root of the verb DORM- and then add the correct terminations:


Io dorm-o Noi dorm-iamo
Tu dorm-i Voi dorm-ite
Lui/Lei dorm-e Loro dorm-ono


For the sake of comparison, I’ve decided to repeat the tables with the first two conjugations (and this way you have all three major verb groups in one place-at least their present forms):


Io amo Noi amiamo
Tu ami Voi amate
Lui/Lei ama Loro amano



Io leggo Noi leggiamo
Tu leggi Voi leggete
Lui/Lei legge Loro leggono


As you can notice yourselves, the second and the third conjugation use almost all of the same terminations, except in the plural form of the second person (leggEte/dormIte) and this distinction reflects the characteristic vocal of the conjugation (-e for II and -i for III).

You will have to remember all of this before we move on to congiuntivo (something similar to subjunctive in the English language), but don’t worry-we have a lot of other lessons in front of us before we reach that point.

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