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saying goodbye to twenty-eleven

December 30, 2011

I guess it’s that time of year that requires a recap of sorts. Something which I’m never good at. But I guess it has been a busy year this time. Let me see… Oh yes!

1. I graduated from Uni-that was kind of a big deal, only to

2. get back to Uni for my masters degree not even a month later… This is the main reason why I neglected

3. the blog I started the same year! And the whole point of the blog was to help with my studies by making me stay in touch with Italy and Italians, and to spread the love a bit, I have to admit. Well, I guess the few readers I have should be the judges of that one.

4. the same blog enabled me to meet some really great people, Italian and expats living the dream, like Natalie and Tiffany (plenty more yet to come, so stay with me in 2012) something for which I remain forever grateful, because they really opened my (and I hope your) eyes about living in Italy as an expat, and helped shed some light on the everyday stress of being a foreigner, but also about the wonders of having the privilege of looking out the window every day and seeing something as magnificent as Rome, or Florence, or the poppy fields of Tuscany…

Ah, but enough looking back! It’s time to look forward, to the future, and to hope for more of… well everything-more studying, more learning, more trips to Italy, more collaboration with amazing people, more great photos from amateurs, more fantastic pasta and pizza, more gelato, cappuccino, espresso… more great articles from stay-at-home mom bloggers, more joy, laughter, and more dolce in our everyday vitas!

Tuscany Landscape: Field of Poppies


Photos 1, 2, 3

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  1. January 2, 2012 21:14

    A very very very happy new year to you! Congrats on everything and best wishes with the masters and the blog this year!

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