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Italiano 101/ #24- eat your veggies!

April 24, 2012

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You must have known it was coming, right? I mean, after all that fruit! Besides, it’s so much fun making these little bilingual lists! They have been making me hungry lately…

So, let kick off the veggie series!

  • vegetables- verdure
  • potato- patata
  • onion- cipolla
  • garlic- aglio
  • pepper- peperone
  • chilli pepper- peperoncino
  • artichoke- carciofo
  • tomato- pomodoro
  • cherry tomato- pomodorino
  • carrot- carota
  • cucumber- cetriolo
  • aubergine- melanzana
  • cabbage- cavolo
  • broccoli- broccolo
  • spinach- spinaci
  • brussel sprout- cavolino di Bruxelles
  • celery- sedano

Anything I’ve missed that you’d like to see on the list? Any other topic you would like covered? Let me know, and I’ll make it happen!

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