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Q & A/ fire inside

April 29, 2012

Venice - Rose Tinted

Who:  I am a student of archeology and photographer, as an archaeologist I write for the Heritage Daily, while as a photographer, as well as for myself, I do small reportages for agency that makes cultural walking tours in Venice.

What:  Fire Inside is a game of illusion, in F.ire there is the initial of my surname and my name Irene, and the dot opens a door for a different world.

Inspiration:  I travel a lot, so the photographs represent the places I visit, to study, travel or work, are generally well-known views of some cities, but taken in the moments that usually people are not used to seeing, like Venice at 6.30 in the morning or in the exact moment when the sun sets behind St. Peter.

Sunrise in Venice
In addition to a series of photographs from the more abstract design, there is a whole section dedicated to nature, I live next to a botanical garden, and every two or three months, with the change of season, I’m going to photograph the new flowers.

Red Jam Everyday is a women's day

Favorite:  The most beautiful picture on sale in Etsy, for me is  a corner of Venice, which shows you the right way to Piazza San Marco, is ironic because, who was in Venice, knows how misleading are the signals, but it is also the first photo of the National Geographic has taken for its editorial stock and I am very proud of it, along with that of Rome that will be visible in the stock of National Geographic from next month.

The right road - Venice - Italy


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  1. April 30, 2012 10:36

    I Love it!

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