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Italiano 101/ #25- let’s go to la spiaggia!

May 1, 2012

Summer’s already here, bathing suits are already filling up the racks in every shop, and I hope at least one of you will get to spend a couple of beautiful sunny days in Italy. Imagine sipping ice tea on the Costa amalfitana, with your feet dipped in the shallow water… listening to the woosh-woosh sound of the waves.


But before you pack up your essentials and head out on your Italian adventure, you need to learn a couple of useful words and phrases, just to get you through the hot summer’s day without sunburn.

  • beach- la spiaggia
  • beach umbrella- l’ombrellone
  • sand- la sabbia
  • sea- il mare
  • shell- la conchiglia
  • bikini- il bikini
  • swimsuit- costume da bagno
  • lifeguard- il bagnino
  • sunglasses- gli occhiali da sole
  • hat- cappello
  • suntan lotion- la crema abbronzante (this one you use to get that bronze tan as fast as you can and make the most of sunbathing)
  • sunblock- la crema protettiva (this one you use to keep your bronze skin from peeling off after sunbathing)
  • beach towel- l’asciugamano da spaggia
  • beach bag– la borsa di spiaggia
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