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Q & A / silvia dotti

May 9, 2012

Who: A painter and an illustrator living in the countryside near Milan.

Eilean Donan in Winter

What: I have been painting since I was a child but it was only at 15 that I began to take it seriously and followed a course at a painter’s studio. There I learnt to paint on ceramic, glass, clothes. I also use acrylics, but my favourite medium remains watercolors. I love the blurred effect that only watercolors can convey and which gives a sense of magic.

I am also writer and illustrator of some children’s books, which you can find here and here. I am currently work as an illustrator for a company based in India, Little Pearl Books.

Inspiration: As a child I used to read a lot, especially fairy tales. It’s from tales and folklore that I get my inspiration. I love collecting tales wherever I go, and then I turn them into paintings or stories. Whenever I travel, my sketch books is always with me. And tales, legends and myths are hidden in every single corner of the world, you just have to discover them. 🙂Morgan le FayEnchanted Cinderella

Favorite: My favourite item in my shop is “The most happy”, i.e. Anne Boleyn’s portrait,which I painted early this year. I love British history, particularly the Tudor times and I have always found the figure of Anne Boleyn very fascinating: how she reached the power and how she eventually capitulated. Henry VII has also always reminded me of another fairy tale I used to read when I was a child: Bluebeard, though I later discovered it had nothing to do with him and was inspired by someone else.

The most Happy

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