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back! but not for long

June 1, 2012



Back from a great holiday, unfortunately not in Italy, but in Tunisia! I know it’s completely in clash with the topic of this blog, but I figured I owed you guys a little peak into those fantastic 12 days. We spent one day (Friday to be precise-the market day in Tunisia, apparently) in the hustle and bustle of Nabeul, looking for souvenirs and little trinkets to bring back home and haggling with the salesmen (who seem to think tourists have money to burn!).




Obviously, I came back home with a few dinars less in my pocket and some ceramic bowls (that are a must when you’re traveling to a country like this, in my shopping bag. Yay!


It was all very exciting and tiring and by the end, I was missing my sun bed on the beach. Yes, the beach where police officers patrol on their high horses. Makes me feel safer already!


It’s awesome to travel, but it’s also great to be back home. But I’m not staying just long enough to repack my suitcase and heading off to Cyprus for a month or so! Again, sorry it’s not Italy, but I’m sure Cyprus won’t be too bad either!


I’m also in the process of deciding on another project, but I will, of course, consult you on making a final decision once I have a clear vision in my head.


And what are your plans for this summer? Share!

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