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Q & A / wa antonini from l’albero del sapone

June 3, 2012


Who: Wa from the store L’albero del sapone (the soap tree).

What: I always loved the scent of fresh herbs and flowers and I’ve been playing with them since I was a little girl. About three years ago I developed this passion and turned it into a little soap workshop, where every part of the process is carried out manually and with great care. I create lovely soap bars. The main ingredient is olive oil from the shores of Lake Garda. Herbs and flowers are grown in my allotment with great help from my husband, son and five chickens.


Inspiration: well…from bubbles really! I love the contact with nature and I love the idea of bringing it to my skin and the skin of my beloved ones. I also believe nature around us gives us a lot and we should look into it to find our answers. I believe in organic products, free from everything nature doesn’t deserve! If we keep it simple we can actually sit back and enjoy life lots more!

 il_570xN.320518913[1] il_570xN.318915598[1] 

Favorite: depends on the season! Spring I would say the romance of “Rose Soap”. Its fresh scent, the delicacy left to my skin…and also it’s look, so shabby chic…a dive into the English country side of my adolescence! Thanks to the anti-inflammatory quality of the rose, it is also technically ideal to protect and moisture the skin after the first sunny days.


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