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Italiano 101/ Olympic Special

July 28, 2012


With the Olympics underway, and Italy competing in so many sports and disciplines, I felt it was a topic that I couldn’t ignore. As a first post in this Olympic Special I plan to dedicate a section of the blog to, I figured we might go back to our old and faithful Italian 101 column. So, yes, we’re going to learn a couple of words today. Brace yourselves!

  • soccer – il calcio
  • basketball – la pallacanestro
  • volleyball – la pallavolo
  • tennis – il tennis (shocking this one, I know)
  • badminton – il badminton
  • table tennis – il ping pong
  • athletics – l’atletica
  • gymnastics – la ginnastica
  • wrestling – la lotta greco-romana
  • karate – il karate
  • judo – il judo
  • kung fu – il kung fu
  • swimming – il nuoto
  • sailing – la vela
  • rowing – il canottaggio
  • horse riding – l’equitazione
  • fencing – la scherma
  • archery – il tiro con l’arco

I will deal with some of these sports individually, as they require a more in-depth vocabulary research and I have to admit that I’m not familiar with the terminology of, say, horse riding, but rest assured-I’ll dig out whatever I can find. In the meantime, enjoy the Games, and don’t forget to cheer for your fave athlete! Preferably here, in the comments section 😀

P.S. Which Italian athlete will you be watching this time??? Any favourites?

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