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Q & A/ Grete from cartonBois

December 16, 2012

Hello lovelies! Did you miss me? Well, those of you who didn’t, sure missed the Q&A section of the blog. I know you love it, I read your emails, don’t worry. You will be very pleased to hear I have been a very busy bee surfing the Internet and scouring Etsy in search of original, talented, wonderful Italians, making their own products and designs. Something I think you will find especially interesting in the season of giving. In case you have a special someone, but you don’t have a special gift for them, stay tuned these next ten days!!

Today I bring you a short interview with Grete from cotonBois. Check out her store and website! Btw, in case anyone is thinking about a Christmas gift for me, I am in love with this necklace!

WHO? I’m a 26 years old girl, I’ve just finished my studies in engineering-architecture, trying to figure out what to do next and I’m currently working in a engineering firm.

Post teal earrings - square earrings, neon jewelry, burned designs

WHAT? While I was finishing my studies I crushed into Etsy looking for a laptop bag, and it was love at first sight! I started browsing the site and decided that I wanted to make something too. I was a very crafty child but I lost the habit of making things as I grew up, focusing more on studying theoretic stuff. I chose to start making earrings, because I just love them, and I started making them with finnboard because I was using that material for architectural models. I didn’t have a precise style at the beginning, but after making some pieces I noted a common geometrical and primitive style in them, I liked it, so I decided to stuck with it. I think this tribal style is really spontaneous to me, because I don’t have a formal training in jewelry design, I just work with simple geometry and colors.

Twister orange necklace - with blue leather, tornado necklace

INSPIRATION? It comes to me in many ways. I browse internet a lot, and of course some of mine previous studies in the architecture helps me too. But I want to share here a funny though that I had in the past week: the correlation between boredom and creativity. It happened to me to attend to a very boring lesson, after some minutes I just couldn’t focus on the teacher, my mind started to imagine tens of new items. I sketched them down instead of taking notes. I think I will attend many boring lessons in the future if that will keep bring me new great ideas. Anyway when I create a new products I usually start with sketching my ideas, then I pass experimenting with the materials (usually changing completely the original idea), I arrive to a prototype, and refining the prototype I come to the final piece.

Ombre green earrings - eco friendly jewelry, stripes shades jewelry

FAVORITE? Choosing a favorite piece in my shop is very difficult for me, but I choose the ombre emerald necklace, I love it because it is simple but eye-catching at the same time. It also the most popular item in my shop and people always give me positive comments about it.

ombre emerald necklace - arrows necklace, green shadows

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