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saying goodbye to twenty-twelve

January 6, 2013

ho,ho,ho, another year behind us and another one full of challenges ahead. last year I went on, talking about all the things accomplished and tried in the previous year. this time, i’m focusing on the future, instead of the past.

venice christmas 

i hope i will finally be able to put my diploma to good use a find a proper and paying work, mind you.

i wish to travel more instead of just reading about it, eat at restaurants instead of mc donald’s, and watch movies in cinemas instead on dvd.

i hope to meet and collaborate with crafters and all kinds of creative people from italy, more contributors on the blog, whether they are writers, photographers, designers, florists, hairdressers, cooks, or housewives.

i will spend less time sleeping and more time doing. something. anything.

i will work towards achieving my goals and fulfilling my dreams.

and of course, i will do my best to figure out what my goals and dreams are.

How about you? What are your New Year’s resolutions? Dare to share?



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