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Q & A / Maria from La mia casa nel vento

January 18, 2013

WHO? I was so excited when I came across Maria from a wonderful store that’s right up my alley called La mia casa nel vento, that sells the most amazing natural handmade soaps! This is what Etsy should be all about!

Of course, I immediately wanted to know all about her and her craft, and how does one start making handmade soaps!

-Even as a child, I spent my days to cut, paste, mix, and I could still continue with my list. I wanted to grow up "the inventor"! Attending an art school, for me, it was completely natural… Being in that environment was as easy as breathing!

NEW-Soap with fresh figs-Cold Process Soap

WHAT? After some time, I started working with perfume. Over the years, I have accumulated a lot of experience, refined tastes on fragrances, and knowledge on properties of the individual components of cosmetics. However, there were components common to most of the products: chemicals and petroleum products, which often cause allergic reactions and skin diseases. In addition, all this gave me the impression that much of the cosmetics, with “miraculous” virtues, were basically "empty": smooth to the eye and to the touch, most of the time, is nothing but the result of a skin wound a veil silicone …
I felt the need for an alternative!

Solid Lotion Bar , a delicate blend of Ylang Ylang Orange, whit Cocoa and Shea Butter Solid Lotion Bar , a delicate blend of Ylang Ylang Orange, whit Cocoa and Shea Butter

I started to my first handmade soap, by cold saponification. The enthusiasm of success, the benefits on my skin and the satisfaction of using something completely natural, have been a huge tow, and since then I never stopped to inquire, to produce and to use my products!
The heat of this new awareness, involved little by little the people close to me!
During the month of July, I left my old job and with all this new free time, I discovered the world of blogs: your thinking is not limited to a physical place, but it comes to anyone!
After thinking about it day and night, "My house in the wind" was born, open to new ways of life, full of respect for the environment that surrounds us. A place where you can find yourself in the open countryside or in the middle of a flower garden, surrounded by nature and recognize the scent, get all the information on how to make soap, and not only in a traditional way!

INSPIRATION? The inspiration is always connected to the territory.
From my window I see the beautiful scenery of Etna volcano, which over the centuries has inspired myths and legends. I live right on the Ionian Coast of Calabria, in a unique natural environment. The coast, also called "Jasmine Riviera", the name given because of the rich and traditional cultivation of this beautiful flower, with its intoxicating scent, precious and inimitable.

Chamomile Matricaria ,natural, preserved in a fine cotton drawstring bag.
I like the fragrance of orange and lemon cake: the air we breathe in a citrus grove, has no equal! Have you ever heard the scent of their flowers, or of orange’s leaf? A relaxing aroma, a source of immediate wellbeing.
I love lavender, and more generally, the flower essences. I do not ever miss vanilla, spices and gourmet. I love the details and the little things: raw materials, which I often buy even before I know what to do, but also the art, studied for many years, is a great resource for me!

FAVORITE? My world smells fresh and clean, where every soap, every candle or butter is done with love and in a traditional way, using only natural and organic ingredients!
None of the products is made in mass, but always in small quantities, in order to ensure quality and freshness and each piece is unique!

Balm immediate relief-Lavender  Mint  TeaTree
The product that I love the most, of course, after the soaps, is the balm anti stress that you can use for anything. It’s a remedy for all problems!

I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I love them …
Hugs to you and dear Maja, who was kind enough to host me on her wonderful blog!

*Thank you, Maria, for a wonderful interview and for making our world a little bit more beautiful and more fragrant!

*All images from La mia casa nel vento

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  1. January 19, 2013 23:05

    Thank you for having
    in this wonderful blog!
    A kss fom Italy!

    Maria ❤

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